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The Nicolas Cage Film Festival, founded in 2013, is a coalition of Nicolas Cage enthusiasts from around the world.

Cage is the ultimate amalgamation of movie star and avant-garde artist. An actor who possesses the charisma and presence to propel a film to box office success, while still having the desire to not only mine his characters emotional truths, but to also explore the limits of an art form that so rarely sees its boundaries tested. His unique acting style is referred to as "Nouveau shamanic".


The ratings sheet provides a list of films ranked by their essence score, which is the output of a very thorough and complicated process designed to judge a particular work on how well it captures this unique acting style.


The Cage Wheel, created in 2015, is the perfect solution to help you decide exactly which Nicolas Cage movie to watch.


Generates a random quote from a character portrayed by Nicolas Cage in one of his films.